The Finnish Parkinson Association is a non-profit central organization for 22 member associations working with movement disorders. The member organizations—20 local Parkinson’s associations, the Finnish Dystonia Association and the Finnish Huntington’s Disease Association—operate a volunteer-based network expanding over 100 municipalities all across Finland.  


Connecting people with Parkinson's with each other, healthcare professionals and policymakers

We at the Finnish Parkinson Association provide policymakers with information concerning the treatment, rehabilitation and welfare services needed by people with movement disorders. In cooperation with officials, healthcare professionals, and other NGOs we contribute to the quality and accessibility of services supporting the patients and their families. 

The Finland’s Parkinson Association works with local volunteer organizations found in over 100 municipalities to provide patients with movement disorders and their families with current information and peer-support. Together we represent the interests of movement disorder patients and caretakers on both national and regional levels. 

Reaching out with information about movement disorders

Our quarterly published Hermolla magazine as well as newsletters, guides, lecture events and adaptational rehabilitation courses convey information on treatment, rehabilitation programs and services as well as current matters.  


Three decades of rehabilitation expertise

We have gathered expertise on movement disorder rehabilitation for three decades. Our rehabilitation services consist of around 20 rehabilitation courses at the Suvituuli rehabilitation center situated in Turku and of about a dozen outpatient courses held annually in different parts of the country.  

The courses aim to improve the patients' ability to lead satisfying lives, to improve their ability to work, and to help finding new ways to manage the activities of daily life. We instruct patients in self-care methods and in maintaining mobility. Themed courses focus on topics such as depression, communicational disability, and nutrition. 

United for movement disorders!

We work side by side with others in the international Parkinson's and movement disorder community. For more information on our European umbrella organization, visit 

Are you an English speaker in Finland?  

You'll find our contact information here (in Finnish) or you can dial our switch tel. +358 2 2740 400 from Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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